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Crossing the Caribbean sea, day 4

Still no fish on the hook ! What’s wrong ? Have they all died in the BP oil spill ?!? Bruno’s getting nervous about his goal… Sailing-wise it was an interesting day: During the night, the wind increased as always and we were sailing really fast (avg: 6.7kn, top:7.8kn). Gave us a whopping 142 miles on our daily log. In the morning, the wind shifted towards ENE and we were making good progress, already hoping we could make it to El Porvenir in two days. But then the wind suddently backed towards NNE and we were left in a really ugly sea. The ship began to slide to both sides and we were making a sideway-angle of +/-30 degrees (imagine that optically for a moment !) Eveything that was secure during the last days was falling through the cabin, including the complete set of Asterix comics, the childrens school stuff and lots more. We quickly got the Blister down and are now sailing with Genoa again. The movement immediately stopped, the speed decreased and we will not make it ’til tuesday I guess. It’s not safe to enter the San Blas islands in darkness, so we would have to wait until sunrise anyway – there’s no rush… Also we’re now on the NW-corner of Columbia and here the wind always is quite a bit stronger; no need for big sails here. I was reading a lot about Kuna Yala which is the ‘real’ name of the San Blas archipelagpo and can’t wait to get there. The ore I know, the more interesting it gets. I also read about the Panama Channel and I’m already getting nervous about the procedures, forms, the waiting, etc. But the waiting might be an excellent opportunity to get the ship out of the water and do anti-fouling before entering the Pacific. There should be good boat slips at the Panama Canal Yacht Club and a filet mignon waiting for us there…. But – hey – that’s a month from now. Let’s not get too much ahead with the planning. Hehehe.

LATITUDE: 12-42.34N LONGITUDE: 075-56.36W COURSE: 228T SPEED: 5.1 WIND: NE4 Dist. to El Porvenir: 273nm

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