Nightly dinghy-shopping and the pirate vessel ‘La Grace’

It was late in the evening when we came back from shopping and had to move lots of beer and an enormous amount of little shopping bags into the dinghy. What once was a logistical nightmare is now quite normal and we managed to get everything aboard dry and safe.

Something quite mysterious happened while we were away from our ship: The stern of the Rancho Relaxo was full with dead bees. And the dinghy was full of them ! Hundreds, maybe a thousand dead bees, all cut in half or somehow else destroyed. We have no idea what might have happened but we’re quite lucky that we weren’t aboard when the massacre took place.

Next day we saw a beautiful tall ship in the anchorage and I immediately recognized her as the ship that we saw in Las Palmas in November. Back then it vanished before we could have a closer look but this time Bruno and me took the dinghy and entered immediately !

The first thing that amazed both of us was that they have cannons on board ! And not only that – we were greeted by two boys in full pirate costume – with real daggers. The second thing that I found quite astonishing: This ship is actually just two years old ! Has been built in Egypt and is now cruising the seas as a school ship that also takes charter guests. The vessel is running under the flag of the Czech Republic which is as uncommon as the austrian flag, hehehe. The friendly crew showed us around and we spend mazbe two hours on this beautiful sailing vessel. Nice !

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2 Responses to Nightly dinghy-shopping and the pirate vessel ‘La Grace’

  1. Hans says:

    Hello Gui, hi David,
    allways nice to read your logbook in the morning.
    It became a real habit to me to have a look in my eMail to see
    your postings and to get the newest information about your adventures
    before breakfast.
    Take care and greeting from the Kanzowstaße!!

  2. maria ackerman says:

    hola chicos, plis, recuérdenme quién es Hans? de la Kanzowstrasse… Puede ser el marido de Janna? besitos, aquí todo bien, preparando el viaje a Puerto Limón para finales de mayo/primeros días de junio. Encontré un hotelito muy suusss: Banana Azul