POW ! To the people.

The power is back !! Yeyeye !!! Electrical light – without cranking the dynamo-lantern constantly. No fumes of our petroleum-lantern… No. Nice, warm LED-light from the ceiling on the push of a button. Great !

Today I talked with the guys from the shop here and although they don’t have a concrete idea why our batteries died, they still told me that I’m not alone. In fact only a few weeks ago a norwegian yacht passed through and had all six (!!) of their five month old AGM batteries replaced ! So we too now have old school lead-acid batteries. Today I spent a lot of money and got four mainenance-free Vaetus marine batteries with 108 Ah each. Replacing the batteries took the whole day because of our fantastic ‘battery-cistern’. Now my back hurts but there’s again power running through the veins of the Rancho Relaxo !

Many thanks to our readers for all the helpful tips and advices that came in via comment function, facebook and email !! But still, we don’t know why the batteries died…. Today I wrote an Email to the manufacturer. We’ll see if they answer – actually it should be covered by the guarantee…. But who knows…

Did I mention that Bruno with his five years is already a good dinghy captain ? He loves to drive us to the harbour – although even more so when we are only two (because it’s faster !) Hehehe. Also in the pics: Bruno and Viola are amazed by an shop window with slide and snow made from styropor (and both hold an ice cream in theyr hand).

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2 Responses to POW ! To the people.

  1. Moin alte Lederkappe, hier schreibt die H*H*H* – Wattn Desaster mit deinen AGM Leichen an Bord, unser Beileid. Zu dumm, Tote sprechen nicht, von denen kriegtst du nichts mehr raus! Aber löblich, dass nun alles wieder läuft. (An deinen Silentwind als Abmurkser hattest du sicherlich schon gedacht, oder?)
    Ach und von wegen alles volle Häfen – hier scheinen noch vereinzelnt Plätze frei, alles Propaganda der westlichen Dekadenz! Wenn ihr die Nr. braucht, die man anrufen muss, sagt bescheid! Im Übrigen ist der Ankergrund auch sehr gut!

    Kommt gut weiter!
    Eure Hitch-Hikers, Puerto de Mogan

  2. todo se solucionará…
    Bravo Capitan Bruno!!!! bravo Viola
    Adelante papis….
    un beso de Mili, aleida y Carlos