A lot of wind around the corner

We have a lot of wind these days and while in Egersund we decided to stay for a day and let the big rainfronts pass while we are in the local library. In the afternoon the sun comes out, the laundry is dry and we go for a little hike up the hill and around the little town.

Einfahrt in die Schären vor FarsundFischerdorf am WegDas unfassbar gelegene Farsund - das gelbe Gebäude ist die Schule.Moana: no.

Next day we sail to Farsund, where I’ve already been with Bruno on the way up. This harbour is very convenient as it’s right after (or before) one of these peninsulas and as we come down, we’re glad to have passed it in rather nice conditions. These points can be quite dangerous and the wind always picks up a bit on these corners.

Aufbruch um die Südspitze von NorwegenViel Wind, heute.Vor allem, wenn man gegenan möchteImmer etwas mehr Wind, um die Landzungen

We actually wanted to stay in Farsund and let the stronger wind pass but the sky is blue and the sun is shining, so we decide to leave anyway. The wind is strong but constant, without any rain or fronts. Although the waves are significantly higher and we have more than 30 knots of wind south of Lindesnes, the small ones and Gui take it a lot better than on our trip to Egersund. Then we had less wind but swell coming from an odd angle which really made the trip a challenge for the whole crew.

Die Westseite von FlekkerøyDie NW-SeiteSonnenuntergang......mit schickem Schiff

Our last night in Norway we spend in a little bay at the northwest side of Flekkerøya, in Åshavn. We are quite surprised to see that the little island is connected via tunnel to the main land. As usual after arriving, we take a little hike and walk to the east side of the little island where we find some beautiful anchor spots between the skerries. Otherwise there is not much here. A supermarket, lots of small beautiful houses with flowers and electric cars in front, green hills over grey rocks and crystal clear green water that is too cold for me to go swimming.

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