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Wind from south and to the airport

The next day really does get hot and after breakfast we immediately head to the beach again. After all these weeks with cold wind and rain we enjoy every minute of sun – and especially going swimming ! As we row back to our boat in the afternoon we count no less than 45 boats. After lunch, we decide to leave today as tomorrow we’ll have the wind against us.

Als wir nach der grossen Hitze lossegeln, ist der Ankerplatz echt voll.Raus auf die SeeEnge, felsige Fahrwasser.Ab und an passiert auch was...

First we sail a bit, then we run under engine. We head south towards Göteborg again and on the we we’ll look if we find a nice spot to maybe drop the anchor. We nearly decided to go into the marina as we finally spot a little beach on the little island Rivö just a few miles from G. – The sun is already gone and we drop the anchor in the last light in 6m water.

Geht aber NOCH enger ! - Und da parkt noch einer in zweiter Spur... (DHL Fahrer ?)Kilian eingeschlafenIm Juli sieht man hinter jedem Felshubbel Schiffe stehnWunderschönes Licht und Segeln bis in den späten Abend

Die Sonne geht langsam unter... Bei Ankunft, Gestern waren wir alleine...Beach day !Kilian im Dinghy-Schatten

Kilian is extremely happy in the water, although it is just about 20°. And for Moana the best is when I row her around in our little blue dinghy and she can tell me where to go.  To spend another night at anchor definatly was a good choice. But later that day when the first clouds appear, we move to the marina because we’ll meet friends from a time long ago. The too were sailing through the Pacific. Back then just the two of them in a small 26″ boat. Now they have two golden haired children and are searching for a larger boat to move aboard in about a year’s time. We spend some wonderful hours together, laugh about the past and dream about the future.

Grosse Marina. Lange StegeAm SpielplatzJuhuu !! Wir sehen die crew der SY Ninita wieder !Die Kinder verstehen sich sofort - trotz unterschiedlicher Sprachen

The future … Yeah. Gui will fly back to Berlin with the two small ones… The destination is Rügen and that’s another 200 miles. I will sail these with Viola together. That isn’t exactly as it was planned but it will be better for everyone. We’ll meet again in Rügen and spend some more days at the beach together. Kilian is still too small for these longer distances as he just started crawling and walking a few days ago and that is not a good time to be ona a moving boat.

Auf der StangeMoana unterhält Kilian im Cafeund dirigiert uns was am SpielplatzGui und die Kleinen fliegen zurück nach Berlin

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