Day 2 towards Vanuatu

On the second day not much happened. As usual, the capitana is seasick and she’s lying around mostly. The kids on the other side have endless energy and once again they use the waves to be pushed around the ship. New materials are tested as slides: big books wrapped in shopping bags work well on the saloon floor. But the best are two cockpit cushions on top of each other: slippery as wet ice. They both laugh their asses off and swirl around in the boat.
The grownups don’d have that much fun with the sea state. There still is swell from the southwest mixing in with the windwaves and every few seconds the boat is heeled over violently. But slowly it get’s better (or we’re getting used to it) – I dunno. Anyway: we’re making good progress, the wind has been quite steady these last 24 hours and the GPS sais we’re almost half way there. Great !

LATITUDE: 18-15.07S, LONGITUDE: 173-20.87E, COURSE: 253T, SPEED: 5.2, WIND: E4, DISTANCE TO TARGET: 289nm

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