Visitors in Fiji

It’s been a long time since the last update. Way too long. And much has happened – as always. But the important thing right now is that my brother Oliver and his girlfriend Julia are here in Fiji and staying on the Suvarov fot the next twelve days.

Approaching Fiji by planeFirst sundowner at the ResortAt the 'split rock'Little beauties

They arrived yesterday, coming from Singapore and we immediately left Savusavu and dropped anchor in front of the Costeau Resort to go snorkeling. Their first impression is – well – quite good. Or rather: both were pretty speechless when they first dipped their heads under water.

Our favouriteAnd the clownfish - the 'sunset' pic of snorkelingLittle black opes in a white coralAnd blue ones in a yellow soft coral

And that’s just the beginning. Tomorrow we’ll continue to explore the local reef and it’s little fish and plentiful corals. If the weather holds up as promised, we’ll be sailing to Namena on Saturday. There the two will be shown the true, untouched beauty of tropical sealife. Expect some nice pics on our return !

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2 Responses to Visitors in Fiji

  1. Sending you guys the most positive form of “envy” humanly possible!
    Nice to be hearing from you again … especially since the news from the “old world” are everything but good: They decided to drill for oil at the Balearics and in the Adriatic Sea – so odds are that rather sooner than later we’ll be having our “Deepwater Horizion” and/or “Exon Valdez” desaster here killing watever is left of the Med.
    We’ll be fighting to do our best to still stop them from this insanity but my bet is, we’ll lose this battle – so: Whatever you do, dont come back!

  2. Günther says:

    Was ist mit dem Photo von Johannn und dem Murrl – geht schon!!! Ölkanne hat er sicher mit!