And again we changed our plan

Slowly it’s getting embarassing. Every time I announce new plans I gotta revise them only days later. Well… we only wanted to be in Bora Bora for one night and to clear out. But while we were underway a low pressure system has developed right here above these islands and we won’t have any wind during the next days.

Unterwegs bei ruhiger SeeEndlich mal wieder eine Bahn durch den Pazifik ziehen. HeheKuscheln in der SonneSplosch !

To reach Vanuatu in time we would have needed stable wind conditions all the way and even without that low it would have been quite tight. So we again changed our plans, stick around here until the weekend and then we’ll sail towards Tonga. I guess the change is not for the worst as it somehow felt wrong to skip past those beautiful islands.

Alles ruhig im Riggdie geaenderte WindsteuerungIn der Maikai Marina in Bora Bora angekommenKein Wind, die naechsten Tage

Of course we also discuss what we’ll gonna do for the Cyclone season but I guess it’s too early to write about it. You know…. plans can change…

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2 Responses to And again we changed our plan

  1. Ralf says:

    ein paar Tage hin oder her … ;-)

  2. Gamsjäger says:

    Bleibt noch auf der schönen Inselgruppe.Bei uns in Obertraun
    hats 14 Grad und Regen.
    LG Reinhard