Dutiful linehandlers and some painting

The best linehandlers of the world – our friends from the Kira have decided to do the passage a third time. Way ahead of time, they arrive three days early to enjoy luxury life in the marina. They commute in between pool and bar and in the early morning hours they swing themselves into the hammock on the foredeck. Hehehe.

The skipper could no longer idle around and grabbed screwdriver and steel brush to open around fifty little rust nests around the ship. Everything was taken care of with anti-rust and paint and three days later the ship looks a lot better. Unfortunately I couldn’t finish with the cover paint as today it was raining nearly constantly. – Well, this will have to wait, then…

Tomorrow at 13:00 we will be in the ‘flats’ to wait for our advisor. We should be in the Gatun lake tomorrow in the evening where we plan to have a barbecue on the mooring buoy. On monday sometime around 13-14h we should be in the Miraflores locks where you can see us on the webcam.

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One Response to Dutiful linehandlers and some painting

  1. fraxa says:

    Aber aufgepasst! im Gatun See gibt es Krokodile :-)

    Ich drücke die Daumen, dass alles gut geht und ihr problemlos den Pazifik erreicht.