Sauna in the forepeak

It’s absolutely incredible, what temperatures we can reach here in Panama. It’s actually only 33 degrees on the outside (at 10h in the morning) but the humidity never gets lower than 80% and there is absolutely no wind here in the marina.

So we play a little with the water and empty our cans with water from Kuna Yala. We’ll fill them up again, when we reach the Gatún Lake.

Every day some boats are leaving for the Pacific and new ones arrive. tires and panama-lines are wheeled through the marina daily. And one always meets new and interesting people. Just as yesterday when we ran into Sabine and Heinz from Hamburg. They already sailed around the world once and are now on their second journey. Unfortunately I forgot to ask for the ship’s name, but I’ll do that today.

And now Bruno and me are gonna deflate the dinghy and maybe – if there should be no rain – we’ll do a little rust cleaning later on…

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