Waiting for the passage through the Panama Canal

As so many others, we’re now sitting on our ship and wait until the time comes for us to pass through the Panama Canal. It seems that we’re already in the rain-season as it’s pouring down heavily every couple of hours. Not exactly helpful when the temperatures never go below 30 degrees. The climate inside is like in a turkish bath. Our date right now is set for the 20.5.2012. But this can still be moved around, so we’ll post the definite date one or two days before leaving – because: There are webcams in both the Gatun and the Miraflores locks and maybe someone will see us while we steer the Rancho Relaxo towards the Pacific.

And of course we again changed our plans for the next days. With the weather like it is all paint jobs are impossible and so we’ll have to do without antifouling until we reach a place that is a little dryer. While the small rust patches along the waterline we might be able to do when there are a few hours of sunshine and no water movement… Someone mentioned a possibility to haul out the ship in the Tuamotus but we don’t yet know where that is exactly. Maybe somewone who knows could drop us an email…

Yesterday the SY Mares arrived and Bruno and Viola were extremely contented to see Laura again. The three spent the whole evening chasing crabs on the jetties and swimming and diving in the marina pool until 23h in the night. Right now we’re doing school and afterwards we’ll visit Laura to probably go to the pool again. Hehehe.

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