Amigo – where are you ??

First the important stuff: SY AMIGO – WHERE ARE YOU ?? We’re out of toilet paper and have no more beer !!! This is a serious situation, you’re putting us in. Please, Kira & Co, if you read this: Send us a mobile phone number of them or something. We’re on CH68 but are also calling on 16, 69, 72 and 73.

We have two guests for holiday and they are thinking of filing a complaint with the panamesian tourism board: The weather is unusually BAD !! Since they two arrived, we’ve got one day of sun, the rest was *very* windy and rainy. Dark clouds run past us and the wind is howling in the rigging. (It rains so much, the dinghy is 50% full after one night !)
From Cayos Limon we went to Cayos Holandes West, where we spent the last few days waiting for better weather. As the swell went too big and the movement of the ship got uncomfortable, we drove through the rain towards the ‘pool’, where we are now at anchor, safely covered with reefs around us, so no big waves here.
We’re doing watersports, going sailing with Pinguin in 6 Beaufort with two grown ups aboard, going snorkeling in the rain and generally opening and closing all windows of the ship 20 times a day. Well, the Kunas on Turtle Island say, the weather’s gonna improve after two more days of rain, so Andy and Yoko might be lucky and see these amazing islands in sunlight again.

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