Daily Archives: Monday April 30th, 2012

Past San Blas and towards Colón

10 days have passed. Andres an Yoko have left with a speedboat towards Carti today in the morning. We’ve got ten amazing days together. Unfortunately we had a lot of wind and rain during the last days but still managed to have a lot of fun !

We’ve been to the Cayos Limón, Cayos Holandes, the ‘pool’, back to Cayos Holandes West and back to Cayos Limón. We went hunting with the speargun and had nice fish for dinner, we saw big rays and we saw our first shark while snorkeling ! – A nurse shark with about two meters length; it’s not dangerous, they say.

On another day I helped an italian skipper to get out a grouper with about 35 kilos. Amazing fish and very tasty !!

Too bad, our friends have no more time. Today the sun is blasting again and we could stay for another while. – but – we will leave for Porvenir today, to clar out of San Blas. Tonight or tomorrow we’ll sail towards Colón to get our ship out of the water and do anti-fouling and fresh paint. After that we’ll prepare for the canal passage.

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