Time to say goodbye (again)

Alone again…

The last two weeks were beautiful. – Being together with our friends, diving together, having parties or just talking about everything there is… But now all started to go west towards Portobello and Colon, to start the tiresome paperwork connected with the canal passage. We on the other side will have visitors and we’ll stay two more weeks in these beautiful islands of Kuna Yala.

So right now, we’re not doing much and hang around in the Cayos Limón. Tomorrow, we’ll sail to Carti where Gui will leave with a 4×4 to go to Panama City, where she’ll pick up her brother and his girlfriend.

Otherwise there isn’t much happening here. – The wind has disappeared again and it’s incredibly hot and moist. The only chance to not go crazy is to spend as much time as possible in the water. Heh.

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One Response to Time to say goodbye (again)

  1. Cristina Sahuquilllo Martinez says:

    Hola familia!!!
    vaya fotos tan bonitas! qué felices que se os ve a todos!
    Nos seguimos acordando mucho de vosotros en la Kita Sorpresa.
    Y a parte de mandarle un beso muy grande a Bruno quería felicitar
    a Viola! QUE HOY (21.4.) ES SU CUMPLEAÑOS!!!!
    Viola, princesa de los mares, muchas felicidades! Espero que hoy tengas
    una corona como las que te hacemos en la Kita!
    Un beso muy grande y buen viaje pies descalzos!!!!