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Our new internet connection…

…just arrived at home. Thanks to Gerd, who was really helpful to get us the equipment needed, we’re now proud owners of a ICOM IC-718 short wave tranceiver ! This piece of high-tech gear will enable us to stay in contact with our friends and family – even when in the middle of the ocean. IF I’ll manage to stem the amateur radio exam, we’ll be able to send and recieve emails using Pactor and Winlink, get weather information and of course stay in touch with other sailors.

And – again – thanks to Gerd, also our kids had their moment, when they discovered about two square meters of bubble-foil to jump around on. I should have done a video of that. – Priceless !!

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Anti-foul ! – Part two.

Another time laps video. This weekend Wolfgang and me were doing the new anti-fouling. Before that there were a few little scratches to take care of but in general the hull is in really good condition.

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Anti-foul !!

Mmmmh. Every boat owner likes it ! Doing anti-fouling once a year. This saturday we spent scraping the old paint from last season off the hull. Niiiiiice work ! Here’s a stop motion video done with our new Go-Pro cam: (to be continued)

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