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Finally some new pictures

Now that our homepage on the new server is taking on it’s final form, I’m starting to upload pictures of this summer. The link to the gallery is above, but you have to register an account to access them. Sorry for that inconvenience – but I don’t want Google & Co. to store all our pics on their servers… That’s for a little feeling of privacy on the net. Hehehe.

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On to the Wannsee

On Saturday we finally said ciao to our friendly neighbours at the local sailing club of the Wannseeaten 1911 and went for a two hour trip through Spandau to the Wannsee in the south west of Berlin. Here our Rancho Relaxo of the Seas will stay on land during the winter.

The trip was short and without any events – it’s actually just around 3-4 miles, with one lock underway. The best part was after arrival at the Marina Lanke, sitting in the cockpit with candle light and Rum while listening to Robert’s crazy stories about trips with his Alpha or tall ships going through the North Sea and the Atlantic. Whew !! I wish, we could have sit there the whole night. But in the end it was getting a little chilly…


Ah ! – And to settle a bet: Kevin Costner’s ship in Waterworld was a Trimaran. Sorry, Wolfgang. ;-)

Trimaran from Waterworld

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Multilingual Blog

I’m experimenting with a couple of plugins to make the site bilingual. You can choose the language in the menu to the right.

This also works for the RSS-Feeds. Example in German.

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From the Hanseboot

Well, the Hanseboot… Before I went, I didn’t really know what to do there – and yet, somehow it was fun. I once again met with Silke and Dieter, who will start their journey with Tamora around the same time, we’re planning to. We always have a lot to discuss – Watermaker, Solar Panels, what courses to take during the last months… I hope we’ll meet many people as warmhearted and helpful !

Together with Michael I was strolling the exhibition halls talking to sailmakers and looking at shiny new boats.

What else ? There wasn’t much. See for yourself ! ;-)

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Book review: Maiden Voyage (Tania Aebi)

TaniaAebi-MaidenVoyage Maiden Voyage

von Tania Aebi

One of the absolute must-reads in sailing literature. Tania Aebi left New York in her Contessa 26 when she was 18 years old. She circumnavigated the world in about 2 and 1/2 years – and without much knowledge about sailing – but that would soon change… A fantastic read !!

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Tomorrow @ Hanseboot, Hamburg

Right now there isn’t much to write about sailing. – The Rancho Relaxo is parked in Berlin and I didn’t yet have any time to start working on her. – So I’ll spend my time at the Hanseboot to look for new ways to decrease our budget ! ;-)

Honestly I don’t really know what to do there. But maybe, I’ll meet some interesting people ? Who knows. I’m gonna post, if I find something interesting…

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