Berlin – Flensburg – Brisbane

Just a few days ago we were freezing our asses while sailing with friends in the Baltic Sea. Today I’m sweating in the tropics. What a trip ! What a chaotic life, what an adventure…

Frueh morgens geht's von Berlin losUnd einen Tag spaeter - frueh morgens - geht's mit der Marlin weiter...Eis am DinghyBereit zum Anlegen

I’ll start from the beginning: Last weekend it finally happened that two cruising families who know each other since ages via Email, Skype and Facebook get to meet each other in meatspace. I’m talking about the crew of the SY Ironlady or nowadays SY Marlin. Even before we began our own journey, I’ve been a keen reader of their blog and the first book they wrote about their own journey with kids: ‘Meer als ein Traum‘ was the trigger for us to go sailing. So finally we met in Flensburg to get to know each other and go on a little sailing trip with their amazing new yacht. The weekend was exhausting but totally beautiful and just as expected the kids immediately connected to each other and off they went blabbering in three different languages, running around with the dog, chasing sheep or producing chaos on bord. The big ones enjoyed the (chilly) breeze on their faces, the sea, the moving of the yacht – in one word: sailing. It was gorgeous. And hopefullly not the only meeting.

Die wunderschoene Marlin gedockt an der OchseninselGrosse Tafel, im Salion der Marlinund am Abend wieder zurueck nach FlensburgSchoene Stadt. Haetten wir evtl. auch gewaehlt, waeren wir mit dem Schiff zurueck gekommen...

Back in Berlin, I immediately prepare to leave again. This time the journey is a little longer. Destination: Brisbane, Australia. Our ship the Suvarov has been in Redcliffe for several months but the plan to sell her with the help of a broker didn’t really work out. That’s why I chose to fly around the globe to tidy her up and take it in our own hands. I’ve just got two weeks but it should be possible to find a new owner – or at least a cheaper place to leave the boat.

Morgens in Tegel bei RegenUnd Mittags in Abu DabiMit etwas kleinen AugenUm Mitternacht dann in Brisbane

After 1.5 days of air travel, Brisbane welcomes me with tropical-moist, warm air just after midnight. I take a cab to Redcliffe where our marina is located. Luckily everything worked out as planned and I find the deposited security token and our ship’s keys – I get onboard without having to climb fences or getting wet. Heh. On bord no surprises (good !!): everything is in it’s place, no bad stench, no little animals. Without searching, I find the lights in the dark. I sit down while my surroundings together with the ship’s smell remind me of past adventures and places. The soft hissing of the wind generator takes me away to lonely anchorages in the south seas… a torrent of emotions start to break down on me. Despite the exhausting journey I can’t sleep and start to search for a drink. Finally I find an old hip flask with some Whiskey in it. I grab it and sit down at the bow where I immediately catch sight of the constellation Scorpion….

am Strand in RedcliffeUnd zusammen mit unserem alten Zuhause, der Suvarov.

Eventually my eyes get tired and I fall asleep having crazy dreams. I wake up as a tropical shower pours down on deck and I run through the ship to close windows and hatches. When viewed in daylight I can see a few little specks of rust here and there but nothing essential. Actually a lot less than I imagined. One fender lost it’s air but otherwise I cannot find any defects. In the afternoon I walk through the little town to get some groceries and have a look at the nearby beach. Back on board I start the engine which comes to life on the first turn – just as if we’d been getting into harbour yesterday. I’m amazed how well the Suvarov has taken the six months without maintenance. Hopefully a potential buyer will also notice. Tomorrow – hopefully halfway recovered from the jetlag, I’ll start working…

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3 Responses to Berlin – Flensburg – Brisbane

  1. What a Globe Trekker you are. Always on the move. Safe travels..

    Steven: Father of Zachary

  2. Andi says:

    Hi Daff,
    wow, ich habe grösten Respekt wie Du die Sache mit dem Verkauf der Suvarov weitertreibst. Allein nach Brisbane zu fliegen, nach so vielen Erlebnissen…..
    Kauf Dir ab und zu ein VB und kommuniziete täglich mit Deinen Lieben, damit Du halbwegs in der Spur bleibst…
    Ich wünsch Dir nur das Beste und einen guten Verkauf der Suvarov.

    Alles Gute

  3. wolfgang says:

    … und weg issa!
    Freut mich sehr zu lesen, dass auf den 1. Blick keine gröberen Sachen an der Suvarov zu machen sind – hoffe, es ist in der Zwischenzeit auch so geblieben!?
    Für den Verkauf wünsch ich Dir, dass der ….. ja, wie heißt jetzt der nautische Glücksgott? Neptun? Der will zumindest immer, dass wir was von dem guten Whisky verschütten…. naja, iss vielleicht ne Idee? Falls Du also in dem erwähnten Flachmann noch nen Bodensatz übrig gelassen hast…. immer auskippen! Und vielleicht ein kleines Tänzchen am Vordeck dazu? Im Baströckchen?

    Na, auf jeden Fall wünsch ich Dir von Herzen, dass der australische Doller zu Dir rollt und die Suvarov in gute seemännische Hände kommt.

    Schreib weiter…. denke, ich bin nicht der einzige, dem gerade auffällt, wie sehr die Blogs in unserem Leben fehlen?!

    So long, W.