Back in maintenance mode

It seems we’re back in our old modus: One little boat project every day.
Today, I took the third solar panel off the starboard handrail and put it together with the two on the arch in the back. That position is better as the side-panel always was in the shadow with the current wind direction. So I took the panels off, remounted them and hooked everything up to our old solar charger from the Rancho. That is now maxed out at 20 Ampere during mid-day. We still could use one or two more solar panels but for now it’s good. Not much else going on that would be worth mentioning.

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One Response to Back in maintenance mode

  1. Nikola says:

    20 A? Das wird meinen Kapitän vor Neid erblassen lassen. Vielleicht kippt er auch einfach um? Ich erzähls ihm besser nicht… Dicken Gruß. Bis gleich!