Signs of life

There still seems to be a confusion about our situation right now. We’ve NOT stopped sailing. I’m in Europe for three weeks to get things organized and to visit my family and friends. End of May I’ll be back in the South Pacific and we’ll set sail towards Suvarov and Tonga.

I don’t want to write about Europe right now. I’ve started getting my thoughts on paper but it’s so crazy, the life here has so little to do with the life we live in Polynesia, it’s really hard to even find things to compare. But I’m 100% happy to be with my family again and it feels good to see all friends after two years. Speaking of: there’s someone weaiting for me, I’ve gotta go.


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One Response to Signs of life

  1. Julia says:

    Herzlich Willkommen auf dem europäischen Festland! Ja der Aufschlag ist hart,
    und starr, nichts bewegt sich hier, in doppeltem Sinne. Eine andere Welt, stimmt’s?
    Wünschen Dir wunderschöne Tage an Land!! Sollte es Dich noch nach Kiel verschlagen, bist Du herzlich Willkommen!!
    Lieben Gruß von den Röde Orms: Julia, Stefan, Annika, Julita