Mame News: First milestone achieved !!

After a weekend of working on (and mostly in) my new and shiny (actually old and still pretty dirty) Zaccaria cab, I finally played some first games on the prototype setup.The PC components running Linux and AdvanceMame are installed and the arcade monitor was (for the time !) replaced by an old Iiyama CRT. I removed most of the inner parts and disassembled the control panel. The new parts – mostly buttons annd two new joysticks still haven’t arrived yet. But tomorrow, I think, I will start with the layout, while Gui finishes the restoration and new arrangement of the grafics on the control panel.Some pics from my weekend experience:

Zaccaria arcade cabinet, backsideCoin operated (but not working… yet !)Hmmmm. Where do I get those ?Taking apart the old control panel

The control panel without the moving partsFirst game must be a classic…. Asteroids !!Working prototype

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5 Responses to Mame News: First milestone achieved !!

  1. defender says:

    Great job. What linux distribution you put to your zaccaria cab?
    I bought same zaccaria cab and will do exactly the same: Mame linux frontend. I bought pushbuttons and joystick at too.

    My first control panel was Wilisams Defender – styled panel for 2 players:

    I thinked about build complete Williams Defender replica cab, but I decided to buy original arcade cab, well – universal Zaccaria cab.


  2. dafdaf says:

    The cab runs a standard installation of Fedora 7 with the only modifications being a custom kernel with RivaFB drivers.
    The Frontend is run by advmenu and the emulator is advmame.
    *very* nice job on the Defender panel ! It looks amazing !

    Btw: where did you get your Zaccaria cab ? I’d like to build another machine and am starting to look for a cab…

  3. defender says:

    My Zaccaria cab is from :

    (or auction nr: 140180432408 at -Zaccaria Gehäuse.!!!Jamma!!)

    What is your hardware specyfication (CPU, RAM, HDD, MB etc.).
    I plan to use MAME with 80′ games, so probably it will be PII / PIII , 256 RAM, 2,5 GB HDD or CompactFlash via CF->IDE adapter:

    Do you can reccomend any linux-based arcade forum?

    Thanks for your opinion. I made another panel
    So it’s time for real cab now ;-)


  4. dafdaf says:

    What a coicidence ! – I bought my cab from the same guy !

    To answer your question: At first, I tried an old motherboard with an AMD-Duron. But unfortunately it was broken. That’s why I got a cheap (?) AMD64 board 512MB RAM. Definately a waste of money. – A PIII would have been enough. Especially since I’m mostly playing games from ’80 – ’84. The build in harddisk is some old 80GB piece I found in a drawer…

    I the beginning, I was planning to use a CF too but then I got the idea of using the arcade cab as a internet kiosk mp3-player and therefore I need more hdd-space. But first I’d have to get a bluetooth keyboard trackball. – Or something similar….

    Unfortunately I don’t know any good forums. – I’ve been searching around a couple of times but didn’t find anything *really* good/helpful.

    The Asteroids panel looks beautiful !! – I think I’ve got to upload a pic of mine too. – Now that’s finally finished….

  5. defender says:

    Sometimes I look at forum.

    So you installed Fedora 7 (DVD 32 bit version ?) and frontend AdvancedMenu with AdvanceMame?
    I’m looking for the smallest linux distribution for mame cab for make fast and small mame-cab system.