Approaching Brisbane

The last 24 hours of sailing…. and it seems we’ll remember those a long time… Up until a few hours ago we sailed as southerly as possible, to have a better angle for the bad weather that was predicted. And then it came: during the last night the wind increased first to 25 then to 30 knots and during the sqalls of which we had about fifteen so far, we got up to 40 knots. But thanks to our southing we could alter our course and now, the last 50 miles we’re going downwind with the nasty weather pusing us towards the north of Moreton island from where we will take the well buoyed sipping lane towards Brisbane.
Right now we’re sailing with the genoa in the third reef and the lighthouse should become visible in 4-5 hours. If all goes well, tomorrow afternoon we should be moored at the quarnatine dock in the Rivergate Marina. Yay !

LATITUDE: 26-52.18S, LONGITUDE: 153-52.27E, COURSE: 278T, SPEED: 5.3, WIND: SE 6(7), DISTANCE TO DEST.: 34nm (+46nm to harbour)

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2 Responses to Approaching Brisbane

  1. Günther says:

    Alles Gute auf den letzten Meilen und genießt es noch!

  2. Peter says:

    If you do make it past Sydney and down to the beautiful South Coast of New South Wales, a hearty welcome awaits you at the Nelligen Yacht Club, 8 km upriver from Batemans Bay.